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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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mind. >> breaking news a
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it's happening in menlo park. four people have been shot. police are looking for the gunman. >> one of the victims the s in critical condition, all four are hospitalized. >> it happened on ivy drive. we have a crew on the scene. we'll be bringing you a live update in just a moment. i'm carolyn johnson. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. new and sad developments in the aftermath of hurricane sandy the bodies of 102 people have been found so far many by the national guard. lines at gas stations may not disappear and the military is delivering 22 million gallons of gas and diesel and power is coming back on and second pg&e
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from california is on the way. a coastguard teams from novato and alameda have deployed to assist in the recovery. most teams will deal with the removal of hazardous waste. the mayor bowed to the pressure cancelling sunday's marathon. you spoke to bay area runners already preparing for the race. >> it's a big deal and every runner they agonized deciding if they should go. a few decided to go and now they are making plans what to do on sunday. >> this would have been the ninth marathon and would have been her final race but she cancelled her plans after seeing the devastation the city is still ceiling. >> i didn't think they were pulling resources to help runners when there are people
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missing and no power and food or heat. >> she and long with half a dozen runners had trained for months. some made the trip. chris king flew in last night and checked in for the race in the morning. >> we did. picked the race number and some merchandise, as well. >> donald made the trip. he spoke to us by skype. >> i'm extremely conflicted about running this laugh. as long as it was on i thought it was safe. >> mayor said it was still on but criticism of the race continued to mount especially over all the resources it was pulling, food and generators that could have been used in other parts of the city. the mayor suddenly cancelled the race. >> with the leadership of the city, with the mayor, the ceo of new york runners, it was a gigantic mistake to keep it going as long as they did. >> all the runners i talked to
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that cancelling the race was the right decision. while in town they hope to volunteer their time. >> i'm hoping by sunday be able to help in staten island where they can use a pair of hands and a shovel. both san francisco runners who are in new york says there are a number of website listing volunteer opportunities across the city. one of them suggested that marathon runners may be the perfect volunteers to deliver supplies in buildings for elevators not running. >> disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give ten dollars to the relief efforts. also donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-help now or going to red cross's website.
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>> carolyn: developing news a barge filled with rocks brook loose and coastguard was concerned that could crash into the san rafael bridge. two tugboats intercepted it and now taking it back. >> dan: a warning on the stanford campus, someone is attacking women. the latest incident happened on searsville roads. a ama daetz has that story. >> they are on alert and they want students, as well. after a female student was assaulted on campus. it happened tuesday night around 10:30 as the woman was running. jogger says she was grabbed by an unknown man. she was able to get flee and get help from a motorist. tonight grad student was jogging the same path. she received the each about the assault but admits she didn't think about it before starting
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her job. >> that stuff does happen. that is reality of being a woman running at night. i still go running and be aware of my surroundings and run where it's pretty well lit and try to stay safe. >> police don't have much to go on. the man was wearing dark clothing but with a hoodie over his head and he wasn't alone. he was with a woman, a blonde. stanford police are urging students to call them if they see anything suspicious. >> a 23-year-old transient is in jail on charges of kicking and dragging a puppy on the golden gate bridge. we have a picture after his arrest on attempted armed robbery last year. he was arrested after bridge police saw him kicking and dragging that puppy. he is charged with felony cruelty to an animal.
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the puppy is in an animal shelter in guarded condition. san francisco police have arrested a man for beating a muni agent. the incident was caught on surveillance tape. a tipster led police to him on the campus of san francisco college. police in belmont want to speak to a driver of mercedes that hit a woman in a wheelchair while turning into a mcdonald's. 48-year-old disabled woman says her motorized wheel chair was damaged sand he was slightly injured in the accident. the driver asked her if she was okay and would be back. the driver never returned and belmont police want to find her. >> i don't think it was an honest mistake on the part of the driver that they will contact us. we're going to continue to investigate this. right now it's an hit-and-run involving injury. >> anyone who may have witnessed
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the incident is asked to contact the belmont police. spectacular big rig crash on interstate 680 is cleared in pleasanton and traffic is flowing again after a tie-up of more than six hours. we were overhead after the accident happened. northbound truck flipped over blocking off all southbound lanes. driver suffered only minor injuries. one other vehicle was involved. that driver was not hurt. >> dan: moraga school district issued a statement saying it did not further disstress to sexually abused steichbdz. a 14-year-old student was partially responsible or might be for the abuses. today the district superintendent says that he is suing the district for millions and they are not waiving any potential legal lines of defense. potential defense may be abandoned as the case moves forward. >> carolyn: it turned out to be
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a gorgeous day in the bay area. sandhya patel is here. >> let's check it out. it is looking good. we have high clouds on live doppler 7-hd. by morning you may be facing patches of dense fog. temperatures at this hour, mainly 50s in half moon bay. 48 degrees and we are heading into a cool night. when you had head out the door tomorrow morning, watch out for that fog. temperatures are really going to be rising. i'll show you when they may be hitting record levels in the bay area. your weekend forecast details coming up. >> dan: see you shortly. now to your vote, presidential campaign is entering the final weekend and found both candidates in the battled ground state of ohio. kid rock entertained the largest crowds that attended a mitt romney campaign. >> i know you have full hearts. you love this country and its future.
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i know we can't lose on tuesday. we're going to win. i need your help. god bless you. >> to make sure that no matter who you are or what you look like, where you come from, what your last name is, your status, no matter what you can make it in america. >> dan: monthly jobs report showeda increase in more than 170,000 jobs across the country but analysts say it will unlikely to affect tuesday's outcome. stay tuned for the results on tuesday. the moment the polls close and we'll have live updates all night long on the broadcast and on facebook and on twitter. we've got you covered. >> breaking news in menlo park, at least four people have been shot. let's get right to ama daetz at the scene. >> i'm standing on ivy and the shooting happened on ivy and
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windmere. you see menlo park police is still investigating. police tell me it all begin after 8:00 after they got several reports of shots being fired in the area. when they got on the scene and got to the location, they found four adult males shot. they tell me about the victims were taken to stanford hospital. two are doing well. one is critically injured. another in serious condition. as for the motive they don't have one just yet, they do believe it was a drive-in shooting. the four people were just standing out in front of the yard having a gathering when the couple vehicles came by and shot at them. right now they are looking for a bland honda and black acura. that is all they have to go on. they have shootings now and then in this area but it's not too common. the victims were taken to stanford. all adult males, two in good condition, one serious and one
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critical. police will be on the scene as they continue to investigate and try to find the people responsible for this. >> carolyn: up next, paying a stranger for a moment of intimacy. >> i needed something hands on. >> why people turn to professional sex surrogates. how it works and the risks involved. >> and it's pay day at facebook headquarters. who is cashing out and who isn't. >> and man who is refusing to let his disability get in the way. >> later on "nightline". coming up next on "nightline," inside new york city on day five of this crisis. as the world famous marathon is called off. plus, the election only four days away, this country's african-american
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>> carolyn: little known form of therapy is gaining attention in a new film called sessions, it involves surrogate partners. >> carey is a single professional who has gone through a profound change. she gives the credit to a professional sexual surrogate. >> i got my life. >> her fear of physical intimacy stemmed from physical sexual abuse as a child. >> so i just knew i needed something hands on. >> she was very scared. she was scared of human connection. >> trained surrogates can help clients conquer physical barriers from psych lodge issues. >> can you teach someone to swim by thuak therapy. telling them a story how to ride
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a bike, scenes no. >> it's been around for decades. supporters pointed to the use of surrogate partners by masters and johnson back in the 1950s but interest in the practice has increased dramatically following the release of a documentary and now a feature length film. >> it details the relationship between a journalist and bay area surrogate partner played by helen hunt. >> aim for us is to have sex, i'm not a prostitute. >> i hope it really helps people understand. >> we found a dozen therapists that recommend sexual surrogates as part of the treatment plan. but others believe the practice, while potentially beneficial is also fraught with ethical challenges such as danger of emotional attachment. >> it's hard as a therapist to create the container but there are clear boundaries of what the
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limits are. >> the doctor is head of surrogates association based in southern california. >> it takes a special person to be a surrogate partner, ethical and compassionate. >> they work together for about two weeks. she says much of the time was spent talking and doing simple trust building exercises like holding hands until she making mar made the breakthrough. >> i leapt off the cliff i'm going to do everything i want to know i'm a fully functioning woman. >> she is sharing her story who might be in the same position. >> being able to receive the love and compassion and affection. its great way to live. >> surrogate partners typically charge about $200 an hour. one additional note, we checked with the california board of psychology and to investigate practices only if there is complaint. to date they have no investigations related to surrogate partners. >> dan: new at 11:00, those
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facebook stocks are finally paying off. ceo made about $7.5 million by selling shares of facebook. restrictions on insider trading expired this week. 230 million shares became eligible to trade. ceo mark zuckerberg has not sold any of his shares to date. weekend is upon us it's not too shabby. sandhya patel has a great looking forecast. >> you want to take your plans outside and if you don't, you'll regret it. here is live doppler. we have high clouds moving through the bay area at this hour and by morning could see some fog. we'll go with high clouds and patchy fog. warming trend starts this weekend with record heat likely early next week. here is a look at the warming trend. saturday is going to be warmer. by sunday, compare them to monday and tuesday, santa rosa is going 80 degrees on sunday.
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mid 80s monday and tuesday. san francisco from 72 to 76 both days. you go down the list, santa cruz 78 same thing with san jose. it's going to be a warmer forecast, a good 10-15 degrees above average monday and tuesday. you will feel the november heat. don't hear that very often. tomorrow morning, cool side, mid 40s to mid 50s. you'll see high clouds around. fog could be dense in the morning. this is the system that we're watching. it's not really that impressive. a weak front that is approaching. all it is doing is throwing high clouds our way and again tomorrow. it's bumping into this ridge of high pressure so we're not going to see any rain. it's going to remain dry right through the weekend. with the computer animation, few clouds in the morning. clouds fall apart as the front paul's apart. we're in for warmer days this weekend both saturday and monday
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and tuesday, record highs are likely. we are going to be talking about election day, possibly being a record setting day temperature-wise. 72 in san jose. 74 for los gatos. 72 in santa clara. on the peninsula, 67 millbrae, low 70s palo alto and mountain view. 67 in half moon bay. 68 degrees in san francisco. 64 in sunset district. north bay communities, low to mid 60s and 70s for most other areas. 74 in santa rosa. heading out to the east bay, berkeley, hayward, low 70s. inland communities, beautiful. 74 in livermore. for the monterey bay, 68 degrees in monterey. 76 in morgan hill. here is a look at the raiders' forecast this is sunday they will be playing against tampa bay buccaneers. it will be mild to low 70s and sunny, beautiful weather for the
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accu-weather seven-day forecast, weekend is looking great. warmer monday and tuesday which is election day. mid 80s and low 70s coast. and then cooling it off chance of rain beginning thursday continuing into friday. i told this over and over we get one more hour of sleep. fall back sunday morning.
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>> carolyn: a chicago man is about to push himself to heights. >> dan: this is wild stuff. zach votter is real bionic man. his leg is replaced with prosthetic. >> he controls the movement west side the thoughts. and he is going to climb willit's tower. >> dan: good for him. >> larry beil is here. >> trouble for the warriors. the game what was one thing but a
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is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. good evening, potentially devastating loss for the warriors in their home opener. brandon rush with a knee injury that appears to be serious. warriors sparing no expense to
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the introduction, bridge to san francisco. rudy gay going back to a monster reverse jam. brandon going up with the dunk and watch the landing. comes down on his left knee. he was in instant agony. could be gone for a long time. curry making up for a poor performance on wednesday night. warriors down by four at the break. but memphis would out score them 24-16 in the third quarter. that is high-low, inside with zach randolph. mark had 21 points to lead them and 104-94. >> dwight howard and lakers taking on the clippers. check out jordan, it's good to be seven feet tall.
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fourth quarter. odom from way downtown, bang, late in the fourth quarter off the save. jamal crawford, they win. lakers 0-3. warriors play the clips tomorrow night. >> cal team played their first friday night in berkeley. allen with an injury. sloppy turnover. gold out at the stadium. not a golden performance combining for eight turnovers. and he cuffs it up and huskies would recover. he had 189 yards. washington is up 7-zip. reverse to chris harper and he has speed to burn. diving for the pylons. 14 yards and we're tied at 7:00
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7. nick forbes with an interception of the pass. it was still tied 7-7 at the break. price lobs it up. huskies on top 14-13. at one point there were three turnovers. maynard ends up with a knee injury, bears lose 21-13. they will have a losing season. abc7 supports brought to you by river rock casino. >> very difficult. >> thanks, larry. >> "nightline" is up next. >> don't fb 4 get our alarm clock app. if you have it on the iphone you don't to worry about the time change this sunday. >> our morning news begins tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. thanks so much for watch
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